SharePoint Links I Like: Star Date 05.06.2013 Thursday

SharePoint Links I Like: Star Date 05.06.2013 Thursday

I get around Twitter and the InterTubes enough to see good SharePoint material. Here's what I liked this week.

Top 5 Visual Studio 2013 Features for Agile Development & DevOps Collaboration

Blair Greenwood, editor over at DevPro, and a colleague of mine, wrote this great article on Visual Studio 2013 features, which SharePoint devs especially will want to check out. I know, I know, “Team Rooms” sounds like the Visual Studio team spent a little too much time hanging out with the SharePoint team and not enough time actually TALKING to them about what it is they DO, but it’s an intriguing idea. (Cough, copy cats.)


Antivirus and SharePoint 2013

 Spencer Harbar wrote this post about SharePoint antivirus solutions a few months ago but the question keeps coming up amongst our readers, so it’s definitely on people’s minds.  One commenter calls it a “great post” with “brutal results”—but hey, that’s what makes it useful.


My Blog—Hosting on Azure: Why, What, How & Costs

Andrew Connell’s post on hosting with Windows Azure seemed especially timely this week, given the focus via Microsoft TechEd 2013 on Microsoft’s rapidly evolving cloud strategy. Plus it’s just nice and practical.


SharePoint 2013 With SSRS 2012 And Constrained Delegation

Yes, I read this. No, I didn’t try it at home. But kudos to Ryan Bushnell for putting this out there. (I did have an issue with the tiny print, but that’s just me.)


O365 Sessions at TechEd 2013 NA

I have to admit, Office 365 just seems to me like SharePoint’s younger, less intense, less intellectual brother. More approachable, maybe. Anyway, I wouldn’t have gotten to these Office 365 sessions at TechEd because—had I gone—I would have been at the SharePoint ones, so thank goodness Rhoderick Milne posted where to find them online. 

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