Register for this SharePoint Virtual Event to hear from and interact with Microsoft SharePoint MVPs and SharePoint technical trainers in workshops and one on one discussions. You'll learn from experts who will teach you techniques to make SharePoint work in the real world. You'll have opportunities to get your questions answered and come away with knowledge that will benefit your company, your coworkers, and yourself.

Who will be speaking? Experienced technical presenters who have taken SharePoint apart, studied it thoroughly, used it in the real world, and figured out how it works. We choose speakers based on their SharePoint expertise, their technical knowledge about administration or development issues, and their ability to explain what they know so you understand it.

This event is for SharePoint admins or developers who need technical information and real-world help with SharePoint's many challenges, including

  • Administering SharePoint
  • Developing for SharePoint
  • Customizing and integrating SharePoint into your business
  • Fine-tuning your deployment
  • Making SharePoint work for your end-users' needs
  • Plus SQL Server and SharePoint, SharePoint and Visual Studio, SharePoint performance, search in SharePoint, SharePoint social features, and so much more!

Day One | Day Two


Day One (times are ET)

Time Description
11:00am - 12:15pm Apps & Infrastructure in the Cloud: What Does it all Mean?
Steve Fox

Companies are increasingly looking to the cloud to optimize costs, improve innovation, spur growth and competition, among other things. And the top level is that we’re moving there, and quickly. The question then becomes what does the specific landscape look like? How can we design and innovate in this new space? What are the key principles we need to keep in mind? And how is Microsoft helping us with our journey? If these are questions you have top of mind, then you’ll not want to miss this keynote session.

What’s New in Exchange Server 2013
Scott Schnoll

This session covers the new server roles and new architecture in Exchange Server 2013. In addition, it also covers new features such as Managed Availability, Data Loss Prevention, the Exchange Admin Center, modern public folders and other new features.

12:15pm - 1:30pm SharePoint 2013 Search Results Visualization
Matt McDermott

You can do a great deal to improve the presentation of search results in SharePoint 2013, making the search results actionable for your end users without compiled code. In this session we’ll detail the best practices for working with the search center to create solutions for delivering actionable search center results.

1:30pm - 1:45pm BREAK
1:45pm - 3:00pm 10 Things to Know About SharePoint 2013 Search
Agnes Molnar

SharePoint has always placed a major emphasis on content management. This focus has become stronger version by version, as has the focus on enterprise search. In this session, we’ll demonstrate the most important improvements and new features of SharePoint 2013 search, including configuration options, centralized and delegated administration, PowerShell, and search-driven catalogs and application features.

3:00pm - 4:15pm Ten Non-SharePoint Technical Issues That Can Doom Your Implementation
Rob Bogue

You’ve heard that SharePoint implementations are technically challenging and complex because of all of the pieces. However, the real truth is that much of what makes SharePoint difficult to implement correctly has nothing to do with SharePoint and everything to do with implementing the core technologies. In this session we’ll tour the most common issues with the supporting technologies which cause frustration and performance issues. Leave armed with a set of specific criteria and architecture principles that will lead you to a successful implementation.


Day Two (times are ET)

Time Description
11:00am - 12:15pm
SharePoint 2013 and Office 365 Upgrade and Migration: Roadmap, Strategy, and Tactics
Dan Holme

SharePoint 2013 and Office 365 offer “big wins” for business value and service delivery. But which features and capabilities are the most compelling reasons to move, and how and when should you upgrade or migrate? In this session, SharePoint MVP Dan Holme shares what he’s learned from customers around the world, and provides guidance for your strategy, roadmap, and tactical approach to integrating these new versions into your SharePoint service. You’ll learn what’s changed about the technical aspects of upgrading—most importantly, the impact of 2010 mode and deferred site upgrades. You’ll explore the factors that should drive your upgrade and migration planning. And you’ll learn how to drive toward the optimal mix of cloud and on-premises SharePoint service for your enterprise.

12:15pm - 1:30pm Building SharePoint 2013 Workflows with SharePoint Designer 2013
Andrew Connell

In this session we'll explore what's new with workflow in SharePoint 2013 from an architecture, capability, and development perspective. You’ll learn how SharePoint 2013 relies on Workflow Manager 1.0, both on-premises and in the cloud, to provide a much more reliable and scalable workflow platform. We’ll explore new capabilities such as loops, web service calls, stages, and everything you can do as an IT Pro, power user, or end user with SharePoint Designer 2013 and Visio 2013.

1:30pm - 1:45pm BREAK
1:45pm - 3:00pm What’s new in SharePoint 2013 Web Content Management
Andrew Connell

In the area of Web Content Management (WCM), Microsoft has made significant investments in SharePoint 2013. In this latest release WCM has been re-architected to leverage taxonomies for navigation and search and serving content directly out of the search index. In this demo-heavy session you will see how to create a WCM site, implement a managed navigation using taxonomies and surface content from across multiple content sources, and how to leverage search to its fullest potential in creating rich and dynamic content-based sites.

3:00pm - 4:00pm Archiving and eDiscovery – A Critical Part of Any SharePoint Governance Strategy
David Scott

This session will examine how SharePoint archiving and eDiscovery plays a critical role in a successful SharePoint governance strategy. Topics include quotas, enforcing a granular document lifecycle, strategies for site expiration, and preparing for eDiscovery.

4:00pm - 5:00pm SharePoint & Office 365 Experts: Closing Panel and Q&A

IT CONNECTIONS ONLINE attendees and presenters come together for the closing session. Ask your questions in real time to our expert panel, which includes many of the world's SharePoint and Office 365 thought leaders. A thought-provoking wrap-up to this innovative online conference.