SharePoint Business Process Integration or How to make SharePoint talk to your business apps

Getting SharePoint to play nicely with others can be a pain. You can spend a lot of time getting it to integrate with your customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications. Or, if not “you” per se, your programmers. If you can spare them.

 Magic Software knows where its niche is in the integration market, and its iBolt for SharePoint solution sits confidently in it. “Most of our customers are mid-sized companies and they don’t have the luxury of throwing programmers at the problem,” says Magic Software’s Glenn Johnson.

 As the company says, “Even when SharePoint is integrated with other Microsoft-brand systems, the process can be confusing and expensive, often involving the need to write thousands of lines of code.  What’s needed is a systematic approach to SharePoint integration.”

 iBolt for SharePoint lets you automate business process integration between SharePoint and back-end systems and websites with over 150 adapters and wizards that let you design business process flows. Behind the scenes, iBolt constantly and systematically transforms data, routing messages, and orchestrating business processes in real time between SharePoint and other applications.

To learn more about iBolt for SharePoint see Magic Software’s website

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