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Seven client OSes that won't replace Windows

But what the heck, it makes for a cute article.

Not to ruin the surprise, but they are:

1. Mac OS X

2. Linux

3. Solaris/Open Solaris

4. FreeBSD

5. Midori (Which isn't even an OS)

6. iPhone OS/Symbian/Android

7. The Revenge of Netscape (Web)

So, what's the real take-away here? That ...

1) None of these client OSes will ever replace Windows. (or)

2) How the heck did he even find seven non-Windows client OSes? :) Oh, wait. He didn't. Only the first two are viable desktop OSes, maybe the first three. Maybe.

But numbers 6 and 7 actually do point towards an interesting and believable future: Certainly, PCs will be outpaced by mobile and Web devices. Arguably, they already are.

Pure fluff piece.

Thanks Joe R.

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