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WEBINAR: Achieving Server Recovery in Minutes with Virtualization

The nice people over at AppAssure asked me not long ago to join them for a webinar.  That webinar essentially asks the question, “What do you do when you need to bring a crashed server back online – literally – in minutes?”  The answers might surprise you.

If that’s a capability you wouldn’t mind having, check out this webinar.  I’ll talk about some of the simple and stupid reasons why you won’t get there today, along with some smart alternatives that will make “in minutes” a reality.

Here’s a bit more from the webinar’s blurb:

Achieving Server Recovery in Minutes through Virtualization

Uh oh, your mission critical server is down. What do you do? Look for its last backup on tape, hoping that last night's backup job actually succeeded? Start rebuilding a new server? Look for a new job?

Or, simply click the button marked Recover Server, wait a few minutes, and then go about your day?

With the right backup solution in place, that second option is an absolute reality. Today's disk-based backup approaches go much further than simply shifting the backup medium off of tape. They enable files, individual emails, and database entries to be restored without restoring volumes, data stores, and databases. They enable fast server recovery to any 15 minute interval in the past. They enable lost servers to be restored in minutes, either onto the same server or even onto an alternate one.

And they finally solve the age old problem of what to do when that mission critical server is down. The answer: Recover it in minutes to a virtual server, giving you the breathing room to fix its original hardware without massive downtime. Learn all about how to get there with IT industry analyst and Windows IT Pro blogger Greg Shields. In this quick but informative webcast, Greg will highlight the Seven Requirements Your Backup Solution Doesn't Have, and show you why disk-based backups will better preserve your servers…and your job!

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