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VMworld 2016 Day Two: End User Computing, vSphere Integrated Containers and Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

VMworld 2016 Day Two: End User Computing, vSphere Integrated Containers and Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

Coverage of VMworld 2016 day two keynote

Sanjay Poonen, VMware’s Executive Vice President and General Manager of End-User Computing and Global Head of Marketing & Communications, kicked off the day two keynote of VMworld 2016. Poonen, along with VMware Chief Technology Officer Ray O’Farrell and a group of senior VMware executives, presented VMware’s end-user computing vision along with their next generation application strategy and their Hyper-Converged Virtual SAN solution.

To start off his presentation on a high note, Poonen announced that all users of the VMworld app would receive free licenses for either the VMware Fusion or VMware Workstation products.

Some of the technologies that were presented in the day two keynote included Workspace One, Windows Unified Endpoint Management Technologies, vSphere Integrated Containers, vRealize Network Insight and Virtual SAN. SalesForce demoed how they used Workspace One to deliver their applications across different devices. VMware showed how Windows Unified Endpoint Management Technologies enabled conditional data access by demonstrating how it could prevent a copy and paste operation from Excel, a managed business application to Twitter, an unmanaged applications. You can learn more about Windows Unified Endpoint Management Technologies at

VMware also showed how they were developing vSphere Integrated Containers – their enterprise container infrastructure. vSphere Integrated Containers are currently a beta product and they are also open source on GitHub at: They are Docker compatible. VMware added a new Container Registry, a Container Management Portal as well as vRealize Operations compatibility. On the network virtualization front, VMware demoed their vRealize Network Insight product. vRealize Network Insight is an NSX pre-assessment tool that helps you secure your network with micro-segmentation planning based on network flow information. Finally, they showed how Amway’s implementation of Virtual SAN enabled them to implement a shared solution without the complexities of a SAN.

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