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VMworld 2014 Day One: Industry Bytes – VMTurbo Optimizes the Virtual Data Center

VMworld 2014 Day One: Industry Bytes – VMTurbo Optimizes the Virtual Data Center

At VMworld 2014 in San Francisco, I met Eric Senunis, VMTurbo Vice President of Marketing, and Yuri Rabover, Vice President of Product Strategy and Cofounder of VMTurbo, to talk about their new VMTurbo 4.7 release. VMTurbo is a virtualization management tool that uses a unique cost-centric algorithm to optimize VM workloads.

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VMTurbo works with all of today’s popular hypervisors, including VMware’s vSphere, Microsoft’s Hyper-V, Citrix’s XenServer, as well as Linux KVM. Unlike other virtualization management tools that require you to manually turn the knobs to tune and manage your virtualization environment, VMTurbo uses a patented cost-centric model along with a supply chain resource model to define your virtualization environments. VMTurbo calls this its Economic Scheduling Engine. Costs are assigned to virtualization hosts and VMs are prioritized according to cost. Unlike most virtualization management tools, VMTurbo uses real-time data collection to make its management decisions. It is capable of migrating VMs between different vendor’s virtualization hosts, and it can abide by affinity and anti-affinity rules.

VMTurbo installs as a virtual appliance and it is downloaded as an OVF file that can run as a VM on any of the major virtualization platforms. It will automatically discover all of your virtualization hosts. It also knows about NetApp and EMC storage. To find out more about VMTurbo check out: This VMworld we're blowing things wide open.

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