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VMworld 2012: HP Releases VMware View Optimized Thin Clients

One of the growing trends in the industry is the move toward hosted desktop virtualization also known as Virtual Desktop Infrastructure or VDI.   VDI deployments are often used in highly secure implementations like the military and the Department of Defense. At VMworld 2012 I met with with Christian Jones, HP Thin Client product marketing manager to talk about HP’s new line of thin clients.  We started by talking about the new t310 thin client that you can see below.


The t310 has absolutely no moving parts and thanks to the embedded PCoIP support it can process data streams send from VMware View servers up to five times faster that previous generations of thin clients. For example, Christian said that tests have shown the new t310 was capable of displaying video with over 60 frames per second clearly demonstrating that the device would not be the bottleneck in a VDI implementation. The t310 only works with VMware View and its priced at $369. You can learn more about the t310 at:

Christian also showed me their new t410 line of thin clients. The t410 line comes in two flavors: a traditional thin client called the t410 Smart Zero Client and a new t410 All in One Smart Client. The Smart Zero Client that you can see below can automatically configure itself for the VMware, Citrix or Microsoft protocols. The Smart Zero client costs $269.


The t410 All in One Client possesses a built-in monitor but it is unique in that its works using Power over Ethernet (PoE) which really streamlines the device’s footprint and power utilization. The t410 All in One is priced at $429. You can see the t410 All in One below.


You can find out more about the t410 All in One at:

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