VMworld 2009: Building the VMworld Datacenter

All the demos and hands-on labs at VMworld 2009 require lots of computing power, so VMware created a massive on-site data center to power all of this computing activity.

Early technical issues prevented some show attendees from working on some hand-on technical labs earlier this week, but this massive datacenter has been happily churning through workloads since then.

A small handful of vendors worked with VMware to build the datacenter, including Cisco, HP, Xsigo, EMC, NetApp, BMC Software, Chip PC, and MDS. Here are some vitals on the datacenter itself:

  • 776 ESX Servers
  • 37 TB RAM
  • 6,208 processor cores
  • 348 TB disk storage
  • 37,248 VMs
  • 28 server racks
  • 528 KW electricity usage

VMware created a timelapse video showing the construction of this monster, which you can see below.

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