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Veeam Announces Veeam Endpoint Backup Free

Veeam Announces Veeam Endpoint Backup Free

Today, October 8, 2014, Veeam announced the release of the new Veeam Endpoint Backup Free product. Veeam Endpoint Backup Free is targeted toward business users and it will be completely free. Veeam got its start back in 2006 with the free FastSCP product, which later evolved into Veeam Backup Free edition. Veeam Endpoint Backup Free is a standalone product. It doesn’t require Veeam Backup and Replication or any other product.

Veeam Endpoint Backup is targeted toward laptops and desktops. It runs on Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 and higher. It can back up to a hard disk, a file share, a NAS, or to Veeam’s Backup Repository if you have already implemented Veaam Backup and Replication. It uses the same internal storage format as Veeam Backup and Replication. It can create bootable USB drive and you can use Veeam Endpoint Backuop Free to do bare metal restores as well as volume and file level restores

Veeam Endpoint Backup Free will go into beta beginning Nov 2014 and it is expected to be generally available in early 2015.

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