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New & Improved - 28 Nov 2007

Virtual-Network Monitor Goes Portable
Catbird Networks launched Pocket VAgent, which runs from a USB stick and lets the PC to which it’s connected monitor for vulnerabilities, intrusion detection and prevention, policy compliance, and unauthorized users on servers running multiple virtual machines (VMs) based on VMware. Pocket V-Agent monitors virtual segments within a host as well as physical network segments connected to the host. Pocket V-Agent is the portable version of the Catbird V-Agent virtual appliance, which was launched in June 2007. For more information, go to

Create, Manage, and Distribute Digital Workspaces

RingCube Technologies has announced MojoPac Enterprise Suite, a collection of three separate products that rely on virtualization technology to create secure, virtualized workspaces. The MojoStation lets IT admins create a MojoPac image that users download from a secure Web site. This image is a secure digital workspace that can be configured to support corporate security and access policies. The MojoStation is also isolated and encrypted from the host computer for additional security. MojoDrive lets IT administrators build and load managed MojoStation environments onto a USB storage device for distribution to a user’s PC, and MojoNet is used to distribute a secure MojoPac image over a corporate network. According to RingCube, MojoNet takes advantage of all the peripherals, connections, and processing ability of the host PC. To find your Mojo, contact RingCube Technologies at 650-265- 0326, or visit

PostPath Offers Broad Mobile Device Support, Improved Performance

The recent release of PostPath Server 3.0, a Microsoft Exchange Server alternative, includes support for BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) and Microsoft ActiveSync, the push technologies used by the majority of mobile devices. In addition, performance improvements such as a synchronization cache allow mobile device support, which the vendor claims is significantly faster than what Exchange provides. PostPath Server is natively compatible with Active Directory (AD) as well as Exchange Server 2007/2003/2000, which helps users who are migrating gradually from Exchange. For more information, contact PostPath at 650-810-8100, or go to

Backup and Recovery
Integrated, Cross-Platform CDP

BakBone Software today announced NetVault: Backup 8.0. The newest release of the company’s data protection solution expands the product’s feature set and introduces integrated continuous data protection (CDP) capabilities. BakBone’s new CDP offering, called NetVault: TrueCDP, helps customers meet aggressive recovery point objectives for valuable and time-sensitive data. NetVault: Backup 8.0 offers crossplatform support for Linux, Windows, and Solaris environments. For more information, contact BakBone Software at 858-450-9009, or visit

Product Spotlight

New Appliance for the Enterprise Accelerates ASP.NET Applications
Strangeloop Networks has released the Strangeloop AppScaler, an appliance that optimizes Microsoft ASP.NET and AJAX Web applications in real time without the need for developer code changes or system administrator infrastructure modifications. The AppScaler is designed to address performance problems arising from the deployment of numerous rich, dynamic Web applications within the enterprise. With an AppScaler appliance deployed in an enterprise data center between the application servers and the network load balancer, ASP.NET applications can be scaled out while ensuring high performance. A feature of the appliance, called Dynamic Choreography, transforms Microsoft-recommended techniques for optimizing application performance into real-time, adaptive, network-based optimization-in other words, faster page loads and decreased bandwidth use. For more information, contact Strangeloop Networks at 604-638-1744 or 800-763-1712, or visit


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