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New build of Windows 10 supports nested virtualization.

New build of Windows 10 supports nested virtualization.

A new blog post by the virtualization team informs us that Build 10565 of Windows 10 supports nested virtualization. You can find out the details here Support for nested virtualization was required to support Hyper-V containers, one of two container technologies that will be available with Windows Server 2016. Nested virtualization is something that other hypervisors have supported, but has been unavailable on Hyper-V up until this point.

Nested virtualization is very useful for scenarios such as demonstrating technologies such as Hyper-V replication without requiring multiple computers. If you’ve ever taken a Microsoft class, you know the contortions that the course authors had to go through to create a lab environment to demonstrate this functionality. It may also mean that in future it might be possible to have a VM in Azure running Hyper-V. At present Azure doesn’t support production checkpoints. Nested virtualization may provide a way of doing that, which would mean a lot of the labs people use that require them to have a specific point-in-time configuration to test with a change, roll back that change, and test again would could be run from Azure rather than on a local Hyper-V Host.

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