JSI Tip 8709. If you start serveral instances of the Virtual Server Administration Website program in Virtual Server 2005, virtual machines may hang?

When you create a script, and start several instances of the Virtual Server Administration Web site tool, if you have View or greater permission configured in Virtual Server 2005, your virtual machines may stop responding when you run the script.

This behavior occurs because each connection to the virtual server Web site starts a new instance of the Vswebapp.exe, which consumes CPU and memory resources, exhausting the resources available for running virtual machines.

To prevent this behavior:

1. Open the IIS (Internet Information Services) Manager tool.

2. Expand <ServerName> (local computer).

3. Expand Web Sites.

4. Right-click Virtual Server and press Properties.

5. Select the Performance tab.

6. Select Connections limited to.

7. Type the number of concurrent connections to the virtual server Web site that you will allow.

8. Press OK.

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