JSI Tip 2402. Windows NT / Windows 2000 issues 'Limited Virtual Memory' error on startup?

When you add memory, or manually cause the Initial Size of the pagefile to fall below RAM + 12, a temporary pagefile may be created in %SystemRoot%\System32. If this causes your freespace to fall below your Initial Size setting, the message will be generated.

To resolve the problem:

1. Control Panel / System.

2. Locate the Virtual Memory settings:

      Windows NT - Performance / Change

      Windows 2000 - Advanced / Performance / Change

3. Set the Initial Size and Maximum Size to 0.

4. After exiting Control Panel, Shutdown and restart your computer.

5. Use Control Panel / System to set the Initial Size and Maximum Size to the same value, and at least RAM + 12 for Windows NT or RAM * 1.5 for Windows 2000.

6. Upon restart, the temporary pagefile should be deleted.

See tips 2174 and 0526.

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