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ITPro SnapShot: What Else Happened This Week? (Mar. 23 - Mar. 30, 2018)

ITPro SnapShot offers a short and snappy round-up on the week's industry-related announcements and news around the globe. Here's what happened in the last week.

There's a lot of product announcements every week -- and sooner or later, something gets announced that you'll want to know. Every Friday, we'll connect some of these newsy little dots and draw a picture as to what's going on with tech vendors and industry trends.


Alexa for Business Now Lets You Create Address Books for Easier Calling From Shared Echo Devices

Amazon Alexa speakers are leading the consumer market, so it makes sense that more users want to use them in business environments.

This week, Amazon provided a new capability to its Alexa for Business package by allowing you to build out address books that can be used by end users for making phone calls via their Alexa devices. This enables users to ask that calls be placed to someone by name versus providing the specific phone number.

New address books are created in the Alexa for Business console.


Get More Out of Skype Interviews with the New Shared Whiteboard

Remote workers are a reality in businesses -- and so are remote interviews

A new feature for Microsoft's Skype for Business now enables a shared whiteboard in the Skype call that can be used to share ideas, illustrate solutions to interview questions, or for sketching out concepts.

This new tool for Skype Interviews joins the previously released Code Editor that was made available in August of last year.


Recruiting Gets Easier With Candidate Discovery in Hire by Google

The search for job candidates, whether they are remote or local prospects, has expanded in this connected age. Recruiting is easily accomplished online and Google has their own system, Hire, that helps you find the right individuals for your companies open positions.

This new Candidate Discovery feature in Hire by Google implements a search capability that helps you pull in past candidates for other positions that are fits for your new position. The feature is currently in beta for all Hire by Google customers.


Public Preview: Virtual Machine Serial Console

For Azure customers who use Virtual Machines on Microsoft's cloud service, this new preview will provide bi-directional console access and it is available in all global Azure regions.

This console is text based for accessing Linux and Windows VMs on Microsoft Azure and access is only possible through the Azure portal for users with VM Contributor or higher access permissions.


Microsoft Ignite: Register on April 3

Microsoft will open up registration for its massive annual IT Pro/Enterprise conference next week on the 3rd of April.

This year's event is being held once again in Orlando, Florida, and will run September 24-28, 2018. As usual, it will center around Microsoft services, products, and other technology; the expo floor will showcase various product teams and many of Microsoft's partners.

We will also likely hear even more about how this week's Microsoft reorganization is impacting all of these technologies, their development, and implementation.


Monitor Your GCP Environment With Cloud Security Command Center

Last week, Google announced their release of the Cloud Security Command Center, aka Cloud SCC, as an alpha preview for their Google Cloud Platform customers. This week, they want to take you on a deep dive with how to use Cloud SCC to find what assets in your cloud assets might need security-related attention.

Like many other cloud providers, this tool gives customers a single portal to view all security-related items within their cloud resources, and can give great insight into potential threats and help with remediation of those issues.

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