Online training with John Savill

Goals of the Master-Level Microsoft Stack Class

It’s common to see training events that focus on a single technology, such as Hyper-V or PowerShell. These types of events are useful for gaining deep insight into a specific island of technology, and I often create and present these events. However, when I teach single-technology focused events, I get questions that reach beyond the scope of the course. Attendees want to know, “How does this work with x?” or “Can this utilize x?” or “How do I make this highly available?” A deep knowledge of a technology is great, but many people are missing knowledge of the broader set of technologies Microsoft offers. They likely already own these other technologies but aren’t utilizing the capabilities and, most importantly, don’t know how these technologies can work together and actually lead to enhanced solutions.

In this event, I will walk through all the major technologies present in Windows Server and Windows client that offer capabilities far beyond what most organizations are utilizing. Many organizations are typically paying for third-party solutions because Windows capabilities haven’t been reevaluated since Windows 2000! I will bring together different technologies to show how complete solutions for virtualization, compliance, Bring Your Own Device, security, identity, automation, self-service, and more can be architected. I will cover System Center and the key capabilities of Windows Azure to enable enhanced management and capabilities.

Over roughly 30 hours of training, with constant opportunities for live Q&A, you will gain knowledge of completely new technologies, learn new capabilities of technologies you already knew about, and most importantly understand how the technologies complement each other. You will learn to solve your organization’s problems and likely save money by simplifying management and removing third-party solutions that can be replaced using out-of-the-box Windows capabilities.

Most importantly, I see this as your event. Last year’s training was highly interactive, and we had great conversations about the technologies.

I hope to see you there!

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