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3 SharePoint Links for SharePoint Pros

How the Olympics uses SharePoint; a demo VM; a new magazine

Hello, SharePoint Pros. Today I've got 3 links for you that relate to SharePoint news and resources you can use.

1. Microsoft released a pair of virtual machines with which you can demo and test SharePoint 2010. The machines can be downloaded from Microsoft’s site.

You’ll find a domain controller and a SharePoint/SQL server. Of course, they’re Hyper-V, but I’ve heard stories of success using WinImage to convert them into VMware machines. That’ll be on my task list this week—I’ll report my results next week.

2. By the way, last week I narrowly averted giving my editors a coronary by turning in two articles detailing what’s new in SharePoint 2010. One, focused on changes for IT Pros, will appear in Windows IT Pro magazine’s March issue, hitting the stands later this month.

The second will be in the inaugural issue of the brand new, SharePointPro Connections Magazine, which will be published concurrently with the SharePoint Pro 2010 summit in Vegas next month.

But even if you can’t join us in Vegas, you can subscribe to SharePointPro Connections Magazine and get all the latest and best information for IT pros, developers, and decision makers.

3. Finally, keep up with the Winter Olympics and SharePoint at the same time. I'm reporting from Vancouver where I'm working as the Microsoft Technologies consultant for NBC. The Olympic committee is big on SharePoint and, in fact, is even using SharePoint 2010 for one of its sites. See the link in my SharePointPro Connections UPDATE commentary titled "SharePoint Shines."  

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