WPC 2015 Partner Brief - Bromium

WPC 2015 Partner Brief - Bromium

My second WPC 2015 Partner Brief is with a company called Bromium. 

They have developed a new technology called micro-virtualization that enhances endpoint security by isolating each process on the endpoint into a micro-virtual machine so that any attacker is held in the confines of that micro-vm and unable to use a common attack vector such as pass the hash.

This week at WPC Bromium announced a new partnership with Microsoft that brings together their micro-virtualization technology and the new security related features that will be available on Windows 10 when it is released later this month.

I received an in depth demo of this technology from Bromium's Co-founder and CTO Simon Crosby on the WPC show floor and it was impressive.

Each micro-vm takes up only a small piece of system resources and at one point he had several of these open without a hint of impacting system performance.

I asked Simon to provide us an overview on how the technology works:

You can read more about this technology at the following links:

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