Worldwide Security Software Market Soars

According to a recent study by Gartner Group's Dataquest unit, worldwide security software sales are slated to reach $3.2 billion dollars this year and surpass $6.7 billion by 2004. This years sales projections represent a 22 percent increase over that seen in 1999.

With the rash of virus and trojans that have appeared over the last year, it's not so surprisingly to learn that the study shows that antivirus (AV) products accounted for 31 percent of security software sales in 1999. Network Associates was last year's AV leader with 43.8 percent of the market space. Symantec and Trend Micro were second and third, with 33.8 and 11.9 percent respectively. Companies such as IBM, Computer Associates, and Hewlett-Packard (companies without AV products,) are placing increased focus on their security offerings--in 1999 they dominated their security marketspace.

As Internet and e-commerce applications mature, security will gain increased focus, creating more opportunity for vendors," said Dataquest analyst Carolyn DiCenzo. "With the Internet offering new opportunities for intrusion and distribution of malevolent code, and with it also offering new opportunities in the skyrocketing e-commerce space, software vendors are looking to strengthen and expand their security software offerings."

Gartner Group with make available additional information about the software industry as a whole at their Symposium/ITxpo 2000, to be held October 16-20 in Lake Buena Vista, Florida

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