Who Are You? - 23 May 2001

Now and then we evaluate the Security UPDATE audience to determine who you are and what your informational needs might be. Your input toward these ends has been invaluable in the past, and it's time again for us to reassess. So this week, I'd like to request that you send us your comments by clicking "Comment on this article" on the right side of the screen.

In particular, we're interested in the following information:

  1. What size is the organization you work in?
  2. What are your job responsibilities?
  3. What type of network do you have, and what OSs do you support?
  4. Do you support telecommuters or perhaps numerous small offices?
  5. What type of information do you need or want: news, features, product reviews, how-to articles, or editorial commentary? And what specific topics would you like to see us cover?
  6. Would you prefer to see Security UPDATE in HTML or text format (or a choice of either)?
  7. Do you prefer to have all the content in the e-newsletter or a summary-and-link approach?

The information you provide will help us better tailor the material we present in this newsletter and on our Windows IT Security Web site. Our publications are reader-driven, so your input is vital and very much appreciated—you can even respond anonymously if you prefer.

So please take a few minutes to tell us about yourself and your information needs. If you have comments about other ways we can improve our newsletter or Web site, or perhaps just comments in general, send those thoughts as well. Until next time, have a great week.

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