What service packs and fixes are available?

A. See table below. All directories are off of ftp.microsoft.com/bussys/winnt/winnt-public/fixes/usa/nt40. Just click on the file name for a direct FTP link For people in Europe ftp.sunet.se/pub3/vendor/microsoft/bussys/winnt/winnt-public/fixes may provide faster access.

There are also Microsoft BBS numbers where Service Packs can be downloaded from, e.g. for the UK it is 44 1734 270065, however the fixes tend to be a few days later than on the FTP site.

File Name Directory Description (Microsoft Article No.) Hotfixes
Sp1_400i.exe /ussp1/i386 Service Pack 1 PostSP1
Sp2_400i.exe /ussp2/i386 Service Pack 2 (around 14MB) PostSP2
Nt4sp3_i.exe /ussp3/i386 Service Pack 3 (around 18MB) PostSP3
NT4SP4I.EXE NA Service Pack 4 (around 33MB) PostSp4
SP5I386.EXE NA Service Pack 5 (around 34.5MB) PostSp5
SP6I386.EXE NA Service Pack 6a (around 34.8MB) PostSp6a

Service Pack 1 Hotfixes /hotfixes-postsp1/

KRNL40I.EXE /32proc-fix Q140065
AFD40I.EXE /afd-fix Q140059
CDFS40I.EXE /cdfs-fix Q142687
NDIS40I.EXE /mcanet-fix Q156324
NDIS40I.EXE /ndis-fix Q142903
NTBCKUPI.EXE /NTBackup-fix  Q142671
NTVDM40I.EXE /ntvdm-fix Q134126
PCM40_I.EXE /pcmcia-fix Q108261
SCSIFIXI.EXE /scsi-fix Q171295
SPX40I.EXE /spx-fix Q153665
SYN40I.EXE /syn-attack Q142641
NTFS40I.EXE /toshiba-fix Q150815
STONE97I.EXE /winstone97 Q141375

Service Pack 2 Hotfixes /hotfixes-postsp2/

ALPHA40.EXE /Alpha-fix Q156410
DNS40I.EXE /dns-fix Q142047, Q162927
IISFIX.EXE /iis-fix Q163485, Q164059
KRNL40I.EXE /krnl-fix Q135707, **Q141239**
TCP40I.EXE /oob-fix Q143478
RAS40I.EXE /ras-fix Q161368
RPC40I.EXE /RPC-fix Q159176, Q162567
SECFIX_I.EXE /sec-fix Q143474
SERIALI.EXE /serial-fix Q163333
SETUPDDI.EXE /setupdd-fix Q143473
SFMSRVI.EXE /sfmsrv-fix Q161644
WTCP40I.EXE /TCPIP-fix Q163213

Service Pack 3 Hotfixes /hotfixes-postsp3/

2GCRASHI.EXE /2gcrash Q173277
ASPFIX.EXE /asp-fix Q165335
ATA-FIXI.EXE /atapi-fix Q183654
DNSFIX_I.EXE /dns-fix Q142047
EUROFIXI.EXE /euro-fix Q182005
ADMNFIXI.EXE /getadmin-fix Q146965
IDEFIX-I.EXE /ide-fix Q153296
IIS-FIXI.EXE /iis-fix Q143484
IIS4FIXI.EXE /iis4-fix Q169274
JOY-FIXI.EXE /joystick-fix Q177668
NDISFIXI.EXE /ndis-fix Q156655
NBTFIX-I.EXE /netbt-fix Q178205
PCMFIX-I.EXE /pcm-fix Q180532
PENTFIX.EXE /pent-fix Q163852
PPTPFIXI.EXE /pptp2-fix Q167040
PPTPFIXI.EXE /pptp3-fix Q189595
PRIVFIXI.EXE /priv-fix Q190288
PRNTFIXI.EXE /Prnt-fix Q181022
ROLL-UPI.EXE /roll-up Q147222
RRASFIXI.EXE /rras20-fix Q168469
RRASFIXI.EXE /rras30-fix Q189594
SCSIFIXI.EXE /scsi-fix Q171295
SFM-FIXI.EXE /sfm-fix Q166571, Q170965, Q172511, Q177644, Q178364, Q180622, Q180716, Q180717, Q180718 & Q185722
CHARGENI.EXE /simptcp-fix Q154460
SNK-FIXI.EXE /snk-fix Q193233
SRVFIX-I.EXE /srv-fix Q180963
SSL-FIXI.EXE /ssl-fix Q148427
TAPI21FI.EXE /tapi21-fix Q179187
TEARFIXI.EXE /teardrop2-fix Q179129
Y2KFIXI.EXE  /Y2k-fix Q196548
WANFIX-I.EXE /wan-fix Q163251
WINSFIXI.EXE /winsupd-fix Q155701
Y2KFIXI.EXE /y2k-fix Q175093, Q180122, Q183123 & Q183125
ZIP-FIXI.EXE /zip-fix Q154094

A number of post Service Pack 3 hotfixes have been replaced by newer fixes and are not listed above, they can be found at ftp://ftp.microsoft.com/bussys/winnt/winnt-public/fixes/usa/nt40/hotfixes-postSP3/archive . These include

  • dbclclick-fix
  • icmp-fix
  • java-fix
  • land-fix
  • lsa-fix
  • mdl-fix
  • oob-fix
  • pptp-fix

Service Pack 4 Hotfixes /hotfixes-postsp4/

A post Service Pack 4 hotfix rollup has been released and can be downloaded from:

Individual hotfixes are:

CLIKFIXI.EXE /Clik-fix Q195540
DISCFIXI.EXE /Disc-fix Q221331
GINAFIXI.EXE /Gina-fix Q214802
KRNLIFXI.EXE /Kernel-fix Q234557
MSV-FIXI.EXE Msv1-fix Q214840
NPRPCFXI.EXE /Nprpc-fix Q195733
SP4HFIXI.EXE /roll-up Q195734
RNR-FIXI.EXE /Rnr-fix Q214864, Q216091, Q217001
SCRNSAVI.EXE /Scrnsav-fix Q221991
SMSFIXI.EXE /Sms-fix Q196270
SMSSFIXI.EXE /Smss-fix Q218473
TCPIPFXI.EXE /Tcpip-fix Q195725
Y2KUPD.EXE /Y2K/Y2KUPD Q218877, Q221120

Service Pack 5 Hotfixes /hotfixes-Postsp5/

CSRSSFXI.EXE /Csrss-fix Q233323
LSAREQI.EXE /LSA3-fix Q231457
NDDEFIXI.EXE /NetDDE-fix Q231337
Q234351I.EXE /Perfctrs-fix Q234351
PWDFIXI.EXE /RASPassword-fix Q230681
RPSLWFXI.EXE /Rpcltscm-fix Q239132
RPWDFIXI.EXE /RRASPassword-fix Q233303
WINHLP-I.EXE /Winhlp32-fix NA

Service Pack 6a Hotfixes /hotfixes-Postsp6a/

 q244599i.exe /c2-fix Q241041, Q243404, Q243405, Q244599


The file names above are for the Intel platform (hence the ending I), but they may also be available for Alpha and PPC, just substitute the I for a A(Alpha) or P(PPC).

I should note a health warning, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" and I would tend to agree with this, so unless you have a problem, or require a new feature of a Service Pack think if you really want it. Also if you are going to apply it to a live system, try and test it first, as sometimes a Service Pack will introduce new problems.

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