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Protect Yourself from Internet Attacks
GreenBorder Technologies'
GreenBorder Professional

GreenBorder Technologies' GreenBorder Professional is demilitarized zone (DMZ) software for Windows desktops. Using a secure subsystem called a desktop DMZ, GreenBorder segregates all Internet content from business resources. Anthony Shields of Atlanta says, "Before purchasing GreenBorder, my PCs were being infected with various spyware and malware, causing security-related problems and a slowdown in performance. Other antispyware programs, though somewhat effective, were not a solution but merely a Band-Aid. After installing GreenBorder, our system was quickly protected and we were no longer faced with having to wipe or re-install as our first line of resolution. Our system now remains clean of spyware and malware, while performance stays consistent."

To enable applications, ActiveX controls, and other code to run with Internet content, GreenBorder creates private copies of needed files, registry keys, and other OS objects as required. Changes that Internet content makes remain within the DMZ and are disposed of when the session ends. Because GreenBorder's protection doesn't rely on recognizing threats, it doesn't use signatures or require updates. For pricing information, contact GreenBorder Technologies.

Anthony Shields
Atlanta, Georgia
GreenBorder Professional
GreenBorder Technologies

Select a Simple, Self-Managing SAN
EqualLogic's PS200E

Scott Sudlow, a computer network administrator from Wauseon, Ohio, touts the benefits of Equal-Logic's PS200E, an enterprise iSCSI SAN with extensive support for high availability. "The PS200E can perform volume snapshots which let me go back 1 to 3 hours for file restoration, instead of going to tape backups from the night before. I am now able to quickly utilize the snapshots for a restore, and I am getting a more recent file restoration. I am also able to purchase cheaper servers (2GB and 3GB) and attach them to our iSCSI SAN to maximize our storage utilization. The PS200E is flat-out simple to use and is mastered in about 30 minutes."

With a storage capacity of 5.6TB (scalable to more than 100TB), the PS200E supports RAID 10 and RAID 50 and features hot drive sparing, which lets you automatically replace a failed drive with a pre-installed drive; support for automatic failover and rebuild; and media error protection. The hardware contains dual controller modules, each with a 64-bit dual-core RISC processor, and provides auto-capable volume replication and automatic load balancing. Components such as controllers, power devices, and fans are hot-swappable. Contact EqualLogic for pricing.

Scott Sudlow
Wauseon, Ohio

Back Up Your Server in Real Time
Paragon Software Group's Drive Backup 7.0 Server Edition

Charlie Walker of Galion, Ohio, wanted a backup and restore solution that would let him quickly and efficiently restore his entire system in the event of a catastrophic hardware failure. Walker found this solution in Paragon Software Group's Drive Backup 7.0 Server Edition. Walker explains, "I use Drive Backup to make a backup image of my systems disk to a portable USB hard drive and use the product's built-in burner software to create a bootable CD-ROM. Like most businesses, we are in serious trouble if the server goes down. We can replace the hardware very quickly, but rebuilding Windows Server 2003 and reloading all the software and data could easily take several days. But with Drive Backup, I can reinstall all our data and software in less than 2 hours using the bootable CD-ROM and tape restore. This product really helps me sleep at night."

Drive Backup is a real-time server backup solution that runs without interrupting your Windows Server activity. The product features Backup Capsule, which provides a secure place to store the backup image on disk, eliminating the concern of accidental deletion or unauthorized access to the image. Drive Backup also includes dynamic-disk support, a built-in scheduler, and a script generator. Drive Backup 7.0 Server Edition costs $399.

Charlie Walker
Galion, Ohio
Drive Backup 7.0 Server Edition
Paragon Software Group

Automate Network and Computing Operations
Network Automation's AutoMate

Network Automation's AutoMate is software for creating, deploying, and managing automated tasks that streamline your business processes. The product lets you build tasks to automate a variety of network and computing operations, such as SQL database transactions, job scheduling, event-log monitoring, application testing, and data or file replication.

Juan Garcia, a systems analyst from Houston, Texas, highly recommends AutoMate. Garcia works for the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and uses AutoMate to integrate the three critical systems of nurse staffing, time and attendance, and human resources.

Garcia explains, "In our early efforts, we used scripting and scheduling software. Then we discovered that all we needed was a single powerful tool that had the triggering, automation, and notification capabilities found in AutoMate. The product addresses two of our Cancer Center's major complaints: lack of security and lack of success or failure notification. We can now provide secure logon access to our employees and use enhanced security features, such as password and task encryption. Through the product, email and text messages can be sent to IT personnel with timely and relevant information regarding the status of automated tasks—AutoMate provides the ability to correct any error in real time. AutoMate's GUI is also a huge benefit. It's very user-friendly and includes functionality that can be utilized at all levels of the organization."

A free trial version is available. For more information, contact Network Automation.

Juan Garcia
Houston, Texas
Network Automation

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