Web-exclusive Vendor Briefings, October 2006

Insights from the industry

Data Encryption Without the Performance Hit

Recent reports about high-profile data breaches and legal and compliance regulations have pushed many companies to encrypt their backup tapes. In fact, some states have passed laws that require businesses to report any data breach where the lost data isn't encrypted. However, according to Dore Rosenblum, vice president of marketing for NeoScale Systems (http://www.neoscale.com), data encryption usually carries a price—slowed performance. "Companies want an encryption solution that doesn't come with a performance hit," he said in a briefing. "The new software suite for NeoScale's CryptoStor Tape storage appliance can provide that."

The CryptoStor Tape software solves the performance problem by adding pipelining. In pipelining, the appliance sends blocks of data to tape without waiting for an acknowledgement that the tape drive received the data, thereby removing one performance bottleneck. Now, users of LTO-3 tape can benefit from reduced backup and recovery times as a result of CryptoStor Tape's increased throughput capabilities. The new software will ship on all CryptoStor Tape appliances and will be available as an upgrade for existing customers with software maintenance agreements.
—Gayle Rodcay

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