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Viewfinity Version 4.5 Broadens Server Threat Analysis, Detection and Prevention

Viewfinity, a provider of IT security solutions that offer application control features and administrative privilege capabilities to protect against sophisticated zero-day attacks, malware, and advanced persistent threats, has released Viewfinity Version 4.5 for Servers.

Central to the new release is network security vendor and reputation database integration, allowing the capability to cross-reference suspicious activities in order to diffuse potential attacks by collaborating with Viewfinity's Check Point, FireEyes, Palo Aloto Networks, NSRL Database, and VirusTotal features.

The network security vendor integrations (Check Point, FireEye, Palo Alto Networks), work to broaden and reinforce threat prevention, detection, and analysis for both endpoints and servers, as well as for networks. Viewfinity provides threat detection and diffusion through its real-time change management alerts, which identify and flag suspicious applications for further investigation. That information is then cross-referenced with the network security platforms for further analysis, investigation and remediation.

Isolates Potentially Malicious Executables

Viewfinity also provides reputation rating services, enhanced by integrations with VirtusTotal and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NSRL) database to further identify and isolate potentially malicious executables from infiltrating a corporate IT infrastructure.

VirtusTotal’s online scanning service enables file checking with over 50 antivirus solutions from directly within the Viewfinity inbox, submitting the file checksum (hash) or URL for an automatic online anti-virus scan. The NSRL integration works similarly, by checking commercial software that has been classified according to its vulnerability within the NSRL database.

Closing Security Loopholes

"We are always looking for ways to enhance security measures for our customers and the industry as a whole," explains Viewfinity CEO, Leonid Shtilman. "This bi-lateral collaboration between endpoints and network security devices and reputation databases, with real-time visibility and interaction, works to bridge technologies and close security loopholes which threaten organizations of any size."

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