Version 4 of Microsoft's Worm Removal Tool

Back at the beginning of February Microsoft released a tool to help remove the MyDoom.A and MyDoom.B worms. Since that time the company has updated the tool three times to include more worms. On July 29 the company released " Mydoom, Zindos, and Doomjuice Worm Removal Tool version 4.0, " which now helps remove  Mydoom.A, B, E, F, G, J, and L; Zindos.A; and Doomjuice.A and B variants.

In addition to removing worm infection the tool will restore an affected system's hosts file. As you might know, the MyDoom.B variant made changes to a system's host file to block access to various Microsoft and anti-virus vendor Web sites. After restoring a default hosts file the tool will configure the file to have its read-only attribute set.

In so far as caveats go, the company also states that the current version of the tool won't remove any other worms except those listed above, won't be able to detect future variants of those worms, won't prevent re-infection, nor will it detect or remove any backdoors installed by those worms.

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