Update That Will Enable You to Deploy the Windows 10 Anniversary Update Still MIA

Update That Will Enable You to Deploy the Windows 10 Anniversary Update Still MIA

Last month, Microsoft delivered a botched update for WSUS. We covered that in Hold Off on Deploying KB3148812 for Now and then subsequently in Updated: Microsoft Provides Workaround for Issues with KB3148812 WSUS Update.

When installed, KB3148812 would cause downed servers in extreme cases, and would definitely keep WSUS from working correctly. Microsoft blamed the problem on incomplete documentation, suggesting that there were manual steps that had to be performed after the update installed but that they just hadn’t communicated it.

The important thing to note here is that Microsoft originally stated that this update is a required installation for syncing and distributing Windows 10 updates (feature updates) that Microsoft releases after May 1, 2016. Company representatives also said that the ability to deploy the Windows 10 Anniversary Update and subsequent feature updates is dependent on KB3148812 being in place.

As of today, KB3148812 is still offline and Microsoft’s communication has gone dark. I think it’s safe to assume that we’ll see some sort of message on this soon considering it is now past May 1st and Microsoft is sure to want to distribute Windows 10 feature updates. Microsoft’s last communication on this issue told customers to not install the update, or to uninstall it until further notice.


The original KB has been unpublished, along with the package, and we’re planning a new release to replace this one under a different KB.

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