Tip: Sourcing Information for WSUS Content Changes

Tip: Sourcing Information for WSUS Content Changes

Having a good source for knowing what content changes are available for your WSUS servers is worth its weight in gold.

Did you know that Microsoft provides a page that does this? I ran across this valuable resource recently and thought it definitely worth sharing with those that are tasked with delivering updates to end-users. It's worth a bookmark.

Per the page:

This article is intended for use by administrators of Windows Server Update Services (WSUS), Windows Update, and Microsoft Update services. This article contains a cumulative list of content changes that have been made available for WSUS, Windows Update, and Microsoft Update. Administrators can use this list both as a quick reference to content changes that have been made during routine synchronizations and as an explanation of these changes.

This information will be updated either during our regular update releases on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month or whenever an unscheduled update is released.

The page: Description of Software Update Services and Windows Server Update Services changes in content for 2015

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