TeamViewer remote management suffers outages, but company says no security breach

TeamViewer remote management suffers outages, but company says no security breach

It's been a rough week for TeamViewer, but how rough has been the subject of fierce debate: Is the service just suffering outages, as the company states, or something worse?

On social media, the company has been put on the defensive: Long-time users have had trouble connecting, cutting off a popular standard for remote support in the world of IT.

The company said that the core issue has been addressed, but some regions are still seeing connectivity problems.

But on Reddit and other avenues, users said the problem is worse than no connectivity, and that their credentials have been compromised.

"So I got hacked via TV like a lot of other people here have recently," one Redditor said. "As soon as I realised what was happening in front of me, I killed the TV connection (it was in French) & I changed all my passwords etc immediately. I checked my recent Paypal transactions & there was 1 pending transaction for a Mac Pro laptop to be delivered to a new 'confirmed on Paypal' address in South London."

Other users echoed the same story:

Last week, TeamViewer issued a statement stating that service had not been hacked, but that double use of passwords was to blame. Given several high-profile password breaches, including LinkedIn and MySpace, that is not the most incredible theory, although some users are claiming their accounts were hacked even when they had two-factor authentication turned on.

I reached out to TeamViewer and will update with new information as I have it.


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