Symark Acquires BeyondTrust

In a move that could transform the security and compliance space, Symark today announced its acquisition of BeyondTrust. The new organization, operating under the BeyondTrust name, will provide integrated security and compliance solutions for Windows, Linux, and UNIX environments with a focus on securing and managing privileged user access.

BeyondTrust is the only provider of Privileged Access Lifecycle Management (PALM) solutions for heterogeneous IT environments. The BeyondTrust suite of products reduces the risks associated with insider sabotage and theft of proprietary data, while documenting accountability to support increasing demands of regulatory compliance required across many industries.

“Organizations continue to struggle with excessive user privilege as it remains the primary attack point for data breaches and unauthorized transactions,” said Mark Diodati, senior identity and security analyst at Burton Group. “As a result, they are looking for holistic solutions that provide consistent authentication, auditing, and privilege analysis across the Windows, UNIX, Linux, and Mac OS platforms.”

“BeyondTrust grew its revenue by 75 percent over the past year by addressing the need for Windows-based enterprises across many industries to manage user privileges,” said John Moyer, EVP and general manager of the BeyondTrust Windows Business Unit. “Combining these Windows capabilities with privileged user access management for Unix and Linux platforms enables the new BeyondTrust to provide customers with a uniquely comprehensive range of options for simplifying security and compliance while reducing costs.”

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