Spam and Phishing Still On The Rise

According to MX Logic, spam and phishing scams are increasing compared to this time last year.

The company reports that:

  • This year spam levels appear to be steady and even rising, particularly with phishing emails, which increased 100 percent between January and February.
  • Image spam also grew, increasing by 60 percent during the same timeframe.
  • Social engineering tactics such as the Microsoft update notices or phony Google search results that forward users to sites that have been abused by the Google PageRank system continue to propagate.
  • Several legacy threats also reemerged in January and February, including Drive-by Pharming and Master Boot Record Rootkit attacks.

Sam Masiello, Director of Threat Management at MX Logic said, "This year has in some ways bucked the trend as we’ve seen a number of unusual developments just in the first two months of the year with MBR Rootkits, Drive-by Pharming, and high spam volumes, which normally drop off after the first of the year."

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