Sophos Finds Many Systems Not Secure

This week, IT security company Sophos announced some rather shocking findings. In its Sophos Endpoint Assessment Test, which tested the endpoint vulnerability of more than 580 corporate users, Sophos found that 81 percent of the endpoints tested failed at least one basic test. Test criteria included missing Microsoft security patches, disabled firewalls, and missing security software updates.


Specifically, Sophos found that 63 percent of its tested users were missing critical Microsoft security patches; 50 percent had disabled firewalls; 39 percent were missing Microsoft Office security patches; 21 percent were missing Internet Explorer (IE) security patches; and 15 percent of anti-malware software was either disabled or not up to date. These results are surprising, given the currently unstable security climate. Malicious users are attacking systems more often and using more sophisticated methods than ever before. Now isn’t the time to let security slide.


For more information about the Sophos Endpoint Assessment Test, click here. You can also download the test to check you own system’s security, for free.

TAGS: Windows 8
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