Security Pro VIP Update--August 2, 2007

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  • Perspective: Find Security Answers Faster
  • Take Your Security Pulse
  • Coming this Month
  • July 2007 Articles in Print-Friendly Format
  • The Security Pro VIP Forum
  • Share Your Security Tips and Get $100


Perspective: Find Security Answers Faster

One of Security Pro VIP's biggest assets is its library of how-to security articles. This treasure trove recently became a little more accessible with a new Archive page on the Security Pro VIP Web site. Now you can get the security answers you're looking for more quickly.

The Archive has two parts. Go to page for a listing of the Security Pro VIP lineups dating from this month back to January 2007 (when the print Windows IT Security became the online Security Pro VIP). You can easily get to this page by going to the Security Pro VIP home page and clicking the Archive link at the top of the page. This part of the Archive isn't new.

Here's the new part: Click the Security Pro VIP Archive page link near the top of the page to go to for a listing of the issues and their content from December 2006 (plus a bonus January 2007 issue) back to the inaugural issue of Windows IT Security's predecessor Security Administrator in February 2001.

The two Archive pages, and, both let you browse easily by issue. But adds a couple extra features that I personally use a lot: the ability to browse by Author and Department.

If I want to quickly find that Vista Firewall article that I know Jan De Clercq wrote not too long ago, I can go to, click Author, and click De Clercq, Jan to see a list of Jan's articles and locate the Vista Firewall one in a jiffy (

Likewise, if I want to find a particular Toolbox column or Access Denied question and answer, I just go to, click Department, and click Toolbox or Access Denied. (Note that you'll need to click Toolbox - Security Pro VIP or Access Denied - Security Pro VIP for 2007 columns and Toolbox - Windows IT Security or Access Denied - Windows IT Security for 2006-2001 columns.)

Now it's easy to relocate that Access Denied q&a in which Randy Smith explained how to get a list of accounts that haven’t logged on in the last 30 days (—or whatever Security Pro VIP article you might want to find.

Renee Munshi, Security Pro VIP Editor


Take Your Security Pulse

You can take an online survey consisting of 20 questions to measure your organization's security practices against the ISO 27001 standard. Go to to participate. You'll receive reports that assess your risk and show how other companies responded. The survey is open through August 31.


Coming this Month

"Home-Grown Two-Factor Authentication" by Tony Howlett
You might not need to spend a lot of money on smart cards or password-generating tokens. Write your own authentication solution that checks the user's IP address against known bad and good addresses.
This article is now live on the Web.

"Vista Isolates Internet Malware" by Jan De Clercq
Integrity Control protects your Windows OS by assigning all objects, users, and processes an integrity level.
Coming August 9.

"Use IPsec to Encrypt Data" by Russell Smith
IPsec's ability to encrypt data can help strengthen your defense-in-depth strategy—this primer on IPsec starts with the basic terminology and setup, then walks you through how to configure IPsec in a scenario involving two servers on a network.
Coming August 16.

Access Denied
Randy Franklin Smith answers your Windows security questions.
Coming August 23.


July 2007 Articles in Print-Friendly Format

If you're someone who prefers your newsletters in printed form, check out this .pdf file. It contains all the security articles posted on the Security Pro VIP Web site in July. Print and enjoy!


The Security Pro VIP Forum

The Security Pro VIP forum is your place to ask questions about security topics and about articles posted on the Security Pro VIP Web site and to get answers from other forum members, including Orin Thomas, forum moderator, and article authors. Let's talk!


Share Your Security Tips and Get $100

Share your security-related tips, comments, or problems and solutions in Security Pro VIP's Reader to Reader column. Email your contributions to [email protected]. If we print your submission, you'll get $100. We edit submissions for style, grammar, and length.

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