Security Options

A security zone's Security Settings dialog box is the heart of the security zone. You'll notice a long list of items that you can adjust to your preference. The items fall into seven categories: Active X controls and plugins, Cookies, Downloads, Java, Miscellaneous, Scripting, and User Authentication. The following list outlines the items found in each category:

ActiveX Controls and Plugins

  • Download signed ActiveX controls
  • Download unsigned ActiveX controls
  • Initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe
  • Run ActiveX controls and plugins
  • Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting


  • Allow cookies that are stored on your computer
  • Allow per-session cookies


  • File download
  • Font download


  • Java permissions


  • Access data sources across domains
  • Drag and drop or copy and paste files
  • Installation of desktop items
  • Launching programs and files in IFRAME
  • Navigate subframes across different domains
  • Software channel permissions
  • Submit nonencrypted form data
  • Userdata persistence


  • Active scripting
  • Allow paste operations via script
  • Scripting of Java applets

User Authentication

  • Logon
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