Security Focus on Apple

I'm not surprised to see that there is a new security mailing list centered around Apple products. The list will allow the following types of content:

  • Discussion of securing Apple hosts in various networked environments, including but not limited to integration with Active Directory or LDAP-based
  • Discussion of securing Apple hardware devices such as Airport base stations using wireless technology.
  • Experiences in securing specific Apple technologies that would prove valuable to share with the community.
  • "How-to" questions surrounding the assessment, implementation, or configuration of Apple technologies, as they relate to security concerns.
  • Discussion of tools and/or products that may assist in auditing, securing, and/or patching Apple technologies.
  • Follow-up discussion of Apple-related vulnerabilities as it relates to questions about identifying and securing vulnerable hosts and applications.
If you're interested, then head over to SecurityFocus for info on how to join up .

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