Securify Headed To Secure Computing

Secure Computing (SC) entered into an agreement to acquire Securify, maker of identity-based solutions. SC will pay about $15 million in cash and/or SC stock for the company. 

Securify's solutions provide access control without the need to install user agents. Instead their technology monitors network activity in realtime to determine what actions to take.

 SC aims to use the technology to change the way their firewall works. 

"In the near future, the combination of our products will facilitate a seamless workflow where out-of-policy behavior can be analyzed, reported and, in combination with Secure Firewall, automatically mitigated," said Dan Ryan, president and chief executive officer of Secure Computing. "Longer term, combining Securify's technology with Secure Firewall will allow us to deliver a unique, next-generation firewall that enforces business policy by enabling visibility and control over applications and user access, as opposed to the current paradigm of protocols and IP addresses." 


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