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Q. How can I install Microsoft Fingerprint Reader?

A. Microsoft recently began selling Fingerprint Reader, a hardware device that you can use to automate and replace the use of usernames and passwords for nearly all aspects of Windows, including logon and Web access. To install Fingerprint Reader, you must install the Fingerprint Reader software that comes with the Fingerprint Reader hardware before plugging in the device. Follow these steps to install the software:

  • Insert the driver CD-ROM that comes with the Fingerprint Reader hardware and run the setup.exe program that's in the CD-ROM root directory.
  • The DigitalPersona Password Manager setup program will start. Click Next.
  • Select "I accept the license agreement" and click Next.
  • A warning is displayed about the use of the Fingerprint Reader device, which the Figure shows. Select the "I have read the statement above" check box and click Next.
  • Confirm the installation location and click Next.
  • Setup will begin, and various setup file and system parameters and services will be activated. At this point, a new Biometric Authentication Service has been installed and started. (Type
    net start
    at the command prompt to see the service listed.)
  • Plug in the USB Fingerprint Reader device.
  • After the Fingerprint Reader software has detected the device, setup is done. Click Finish.
  • You're prompted to restart the computer. Click Yes.
  • When the machine restarts, if you use the Windows Welcome screen, you'll notice a Fingerprint Reader icon in the top left corner. Ignore the icon for now and log on as you usually do.
  • After you're logged on, the Fingerprint Registration Wizard will begin automatically (dpconsol.exe). Click Next.
  • You're prompted for your Windows password. Enter your Windows password and click OK.
  • A graphic showing two hands is displayed, which the Figure shows.You're asked to select which fingers you want to register. Click a finger, then click Next.
  • You must then scan the finger four times through the Fingerprint Reader hardware device. After you've finished scanning, a message will be displayed indicating that the registration is successful.
  • You can now optionally register additional fingers. After you've finished registering fingerprints, click Next.
  • Click Finish.

If you use the Welcome screen to log on to Windows, you must enable fast user switching to use the fingerprint logon capability. (To enable fast user switching, click Start, select Settings, then click Control Panel, double-click User Accounts, and click Change the way users log on or off.) If you don't use the Welcome screen, the option to switch to using the Welcome screen is disabled. Instead, a new screen--the Persona logon screen--is displayed when the computer starts, prompting you to use your fingerprint or press Ctrl+Alt+Del to log on as usual. If you want to re-enable the Welcome screen, you must first uninstall the DigitalPersona Password Management software, then reinstall it after you've enabled the Welcome screen. Be aware that you can't use Fingerprint Reader if you log on to a domain, although you can use the Fingerprint Reader to log on to a Web site.

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