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In a competition where the winner was determined by write-in vote only, our readers chose BindView's bv-Control for Windows as the product of the year.

BindView's bv-Control family of products has more than 5,000 customers, the majority of whom license bv-Control for Windows, a proactive security management solution. The company's flagship product family effectively secures, automates, and lowers the cost of managing Windows NT, Windows 2000, and Windows .NET Enterprise Servers and directories.

The number one reason IT professionals choose bv-Control for Windows, according to Penney Smith, senior marketing manager for BindView, "is to find security vulnerabilities in their network infrastructures. bv-Control for Windows can identify where security holes are, across a global environment, and fix problems quickly."

bv-Control for Windows helps to reduce security vulnerability by performing enterprise-wide assessment, ensuring the consistency and accuracy of network configuration, and providing global network administration and policy enforcement mechanisms. The bv-Control for Windows solution provides system administrators with software to perform security checks that detect vulnerabilities within a network infrastructure. Upon identifying security risks, administrators can fix any critical issues immediately.

"In addition to protection from vulnerabilities, another key focus for our customers is protection from configuration inaccuracies," Smith said. "We help customers identify missing service packs and patches, control server standards, and enable effective capacity planning. Another, quite simple, example of configuration management that we can address is helping organizations locate and delete files that may not conform to HR or IT policies, such as MP3 files stored on corporate servers."

Sovereign Bank, the principal subsidiary of Sovereign Bancorp, a $33 billion company head- quartered in Pennsylvania, chose bv-Control for Windows not only for its security capabilities but also for its network management capabilities.

The bank's implementation of bv-Control for Windows enabled the financial institution to administer and secure 200 servers and 6,000 users in its Windows-based environment. Additionally, the company selected BindView to monitor and manage access to information throughout its extensive network and to enforce IT security policies and standards.

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