Preventing a Workspace Security Breach Webcast

Preventing a Workspace Security Breach Webcast

On the 14th of February, Microsoft's Modern Workplace web show will host the first of a two part series that focuses on threats to the corporate environment and how to stay prepared and secure your critical infrastructure and data.

Modern Workplace is a monthly series that brings leaders from the tech industry in to talk about the future of technology, how it is changing, and how it requires people to adapt to new mindsets to insure success.

This first episode about preventing a breach will air online at 8 AM PST and its focus will include hearing from Chief Information Security Officers (CISO) and their role in making organizations more secure from all of the threats that are out there.

There will be two key guests on this first part of the series on cyber security:

  • CISO for F5 Networks, Mike Convertino, shares how asking the right questions could be key to revealing your organization’s biggest threats.
  • CISO for DocuSign, Vanessa Pegueros, explains how creating an internal taskforce could be one of the most effective ways to help protect your organization.

Since this is a Microsoft hosted webcast they also plan to talk about Office 365 Threat Intelligence service and how it can be used to help secure your organization from these types of threats.

If you are interested in catching this episode you can register online.

You can read more about the entire Modern Workplace series at their homepage and catch past episodes on demand.


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