Patch Tuesday: Security Updates for Windows 10 Build 9926

Patch Tuesday: Security Updates for Windows 10 Build 9926

I know some of you Windows Insiders use Windows 10 as your daily driver, but the majority of you don't. If you're like me, you prefer to use something that works without annoying stops in productivity, or the occasional application restart. I use Windows 10, but not on a regular basis. Many of you have it installed in a VM or a temporary test system. I have Windows 10 Build 9926 installed on my original Surface Pro that sits nearby and only boot it to grab updates or test a feature. The rest of the time I'm happily working away with my Surface Pro 3 setup.

Today, as part of Patch Tuesday, Microsoft is rolling out 14 security bulletins. Among those 14, two are applicable to Windows 10 Technical Preview with an additional one (not included in the Patch Tuesday list) designed specifically for Windows 10 Build 9926. 


Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer (3032359)


Vulnerability in PNG Processing Could Allow Information Disclosure (3035132)


Cumulative Security Update for Windows Technical Preview (KB3039066


So, if you're a casual Windows 10 user like me, it's time to boot up that second PC, or rev up that VM, and apply the available updates.

P.S. I've seen others report that there are four (4) that apply to Windows 10, but that was not my experience. If you locate an additional update that I wasn't offered for my Windows 10 installation, let me know. Those reporting a fourth, may be considering the Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool as a security update, but that's really categorized as a software update. Of course, I may just be splitting hairs.


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