October's KB2984972 Breaking App-V Delivered Packages, Wyse Thin Clients

October's KB2984972 Breaking App-V Delivered Packages, Wyse Thin Clients

It's not Patch Tuesday without "What's Borked" Thursday. The fallout from October's Microsoft releases are coming clearer.

Earlier I mentioned that an optional update for Windows 8.1 is causing problems with VMware Workstation. Now, it seems there are reports of additional issues, but with a different update.

Reports are starting to steadily roll in over KB2984972 that is apparently breaking a few things. KB2984972 is intended to add restricted administrative logon functionality for the Remote Desktop Protocol. So, it's interesting to hear the types of issues the update has caused.

The first reported problem has to do with companies using Wyse thin clients. After the update is installed, Wyse thin client multi-monitor setup is changed so that the desktops span across multiple monitors. In one case, the screens usually show as separate 1920x1080 screens, but since this update, they display a single screen at 3840x1080. Uninstalling the update and rebooting fixes the problem. One individual suggested that upgrading Wyse Clients to the newest Firmware 8.0.210 is another fix.

The next issue has to do with certain App-V packages. A thread on the Microsoft forums tells of Autodesk-related App-V packages, but I've heard from others that it is affecting other App-V packages, too. In this case, too, uninstalling the update and rebooting brings functionality back.

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