Obama Wins the Election, but IT Security Suffers

A mere few hours after winning the presidential election, Barack Obama has been unwittingly linked to a new malware threat. Both MX Logic and SophosLabs have reported that as early as 6:00 a.m. the day after the election, a multitude of Obama-themed spam messages were launched.

These messages, which purport to be from various news agencies, report the election results and urge users to click a link to download upgraded software that will enable them to view Obama’s speech. The link in fact infects the user’s computer with malware that opens the machine to remote access by hackers.


If you want to watch Obama’s acceptance speech, don't click a fishy email link. Instead, go directly to a trusted news source such as CNN. Or better yet, just watch it here:


Obama Acceptance Speech, Part 1:



Obama Acceptance Speech, Part 2:



Obama Acceptance Speech, Part 3:



Obama Acceptance Speech, Part 4:



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