NT Gatekeeper: Generating Random Passwords

My company's Windows NT users often have difficulty selecting a random password for their user accounts. Do you know of any tools that can help them generate truly random passwords?

An easy solution is to use the Net User command with the /random switch, which automatically generates a strong random password and assigns it to a user account. Figure 1 shows the command in use for a user named Joe. Another solution is to use an online password-generation service (e.g., WinGuides.com at http://www.winguides.com/security/password.php) or a standalone password-generation program (e.g., Mark Patterson's Info Tech Professional Random Password Generator at http://www.mark.vcn.com/password). A Google search for "password generator" will find similar tools. These password-generation tools typically create a random password with a length and complexity that you specify; they also let you generate multiple random passwords in one run. Most of the online password-generation services are free; you must pay for some of the standalone programs.

TAGS: Security
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