Novell Extends ZenWorks Endpoint Security with New Features

Novell took its ZenWorks Endpoint Security solution a big step forward with new encryption capabilities and new password capabilities that help protect laptops.

The company said that the new version enables users to specify encryption policies "down to the My Documents folder," while at the same time still allowing an administrator to centrally control overall policies. The new version also includes the ability to enforce a policy that requires an additional password be entered before data can be decrypted, which can help better secure mobile computers.

The solution also helps secure data on portable media devices; includes a personal firewall, wireless security controls, and application access controls; and is rated as EAL 4+ certified under the Common Criteria (ISO standard 15408).

"Encryption is becoming a critical necessity for business," said Chris Christiansen, Program Vice President, Security Products & Services at IDC."Companies in all industries are facing an onslaught of compliance regulations, as well as security threats, that demand they protect their data from unauthorized access. Integrated encryption functionality and password policies secure corporate assets from endpoint threats that are increasing with mobile computing. These tools are also essential for helping IT administrators enforce corporate and regulatory compliance requirements ensuring that confidential information remains appropriately encrypted at all times and is always properly handled and accessed only by authorized individuals."

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