New WindowsITPro Feature: Patch Tuesday

New WindowsITPro Feature: Patch Tuesday

Unfortunately, when it comes supplying updates each month, Microsoft gives us plenty to report on here at WindowsITPro. Each month, especially for the last year, there's been a slew of problems associated with each group of security releases. In some cases, the problems affect only a minor set of customers, but in many cases the related issues are far reaching.

We feel that it's our duty here at WindowsITPro to keep you apprised of what works, what doesn't, what's been recalled, what's been re-released and what's being reported as important to delay installation. We've done that pretty successfully over the years, but understand how important our coverage has become to many of you. So, to make things a bit easier to locate important information about Patch Tuesday releases, we've cobbled together a brand new feature page just for you.

The new feature is called, simply: Patch Tuesday. You can already find the reports and articles from February, and we'll continue to deliver up-to-the-minute coverage for as long as Patch Tuesday exists. We understand how important it is for you to secure your environment against modern attacks through vendor provided patches, but we also know how critical it is to protect your environment from cagey updates. We'll cover both and also provide, expert prescriptive guidance.

Here's the page to bookmark: Patch Tuesday

And, if you're like me and prefer to organize, control, and manage your news and information consumption, grab the RSS feed to place into your favorite reader: Patch Tuesday RSS


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