New Variant of Klez Worm Spreading

Antivirus software maker Panda Software issued a warning today about a dangerous new worm variant, Klez.I, that is spreading across Europe and Asia and that Panda Software expects to spread to the United States beginning today. The worm variant is similar to the previously reported Klez worm, and it arrives as a file in an email message with one of the following subjects:

  • A new website

  • Introduction on ADSL

  • FWD:virus, Japanese lass' sexy pictures

  • A very new game


The body of the message says "This is a new website. I wish you would like it" or "This game is my first work. You're the first player. I hope you enjoy it." The worm deletes files on users' systems and can render a system unbootable. Users need to contact their antivirus software vendor to obtain the latest virus signature files to guard against this new worm.
TAGS: Windows 8
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