New St. Bernard Services for SMBs

How can St. Bernard Software hope to compete with the Postinis of the world in offering a new email filtering service? Steve Yin, St. Bernard VP of sales and marketing, explains that St. Bernard is a security company, but "it's not \[just\] about the threat. We're focused exclusively on the small and midsized business.... In the features race, we ask, 'Is that feature truly adding value, or is it adding too much complexity—will it require too much ongoing care and feeding?" The primary goal is good value and a positive out-of-box experience for the jack-of-all-trades IT staff of a small company.

In the case of its new LivePrism email, IM, and Web filtering services, this focus on the small business caused St Bernard to carefully design the upfront Web-based process that customers use to pay for and register their users. St. Bernard also tried to make the price and price structure flexible and simple (prices start at $3.95 per user per month with a lower per-user cost for more users or a longer time commitment) and make dropping and adding users easy so that the product will scale up readily as a company grows.

In addition to LivePrism's email, IM, and Web filtering services, customers can also select a LivePrism email hosting and archiving service and a shared calendar service, both of which are compatible with Microsoft Outlook.

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