New IT Automation Tools

Two new versions of Kaseya’s Kaseya Endpoint Security (KES) and Backup and Disaster Recovery (BU-DR) modules are now available. KES 2.0 integrates with Kaseya’s complete suite of IT automation software, providing antivirus, antispyware and rootkit protection at the user and database levels. BU-DR 3.0 includes new functionality called Incremental Forever and Synthetic Full Backups. The Incremental Forever option backs up only the data that has changed since the previous full backup. Synthetic Full Backups combines an incremental backup with previous backups to create a new synthetic backup. BU-DR 3.0 also offers a new Instant Virtualization capability that lets you remotely convert any backup to a VMware, ESX Server, or Virtual PC virtual disk. For more information about Kaseya’s new modules, contact Kaseya at 415-694-5700 or go to

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