New & Improved - 30 Jan 2007

Archive RDP Traffic for Future Playback
TSFactory helps confirm that your Windows network is secure and compliant with the release of RecordTS, an RDP-recording solution that tracks the actions users take when connected to a Windows server with Terminal Services or RDP enabled. Tracked information includes which users connect to a Terminal Server, what actions they take while connected, and the duration of their connection. RecordTS can record user activity at specific times of the day, monitor access to sensitive information such as financial records, and save server access and time/date data to digitally signed files for storage or secure playback. The software also records administrator activity on domain controllers (DCs) and Microsoft Exchange Server machines., 919-677-8091, 866-344-6267

Optimize SAN Connectivity for Microsoft Virtual Server
Emulex released VMPilot, which provides a virtualized host bus adapter (HBA) connection for Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 environments to simplify the creation and migration of SANbased virtual machines (VMs). The SAN connectivity virtualizes a connection to SAN-attached storage, which saves time and costs because you can migrate VMs without reconfiguring storage or copying files. VMPilot's wizard creates VMs with SAN connectivity according to industry-standard N-Port ID Virtualization and deploys and migrates SAN-based VMs while leveraging your existing SAN management tools and best practices, such as fabric zoning at the VM level., 714-662-5600, 800-368-5391

Provision and Maintain Extranet SharePoint Sites
SharePoint Solutions announced Extranet Collaboration Manager (ExCM) for SharePoint 2007, add-on software for Windows SharePoint Services and Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server. The software helps you collaborate effectively by providing your partners, customers, and suppliers with access to sensitive information and maintaining security, audit ability, and accountability. "SharePoint has become the leading tool for intranet collaboration," said SharePoint Solutions Founder and President Jeff Cate in a recent briefing. "But more and more IT professionals are being asked to open up their SharePoint sites to enable collaboration with people and partners outside the company firewall." Creating and maintaining these sites can greatly increase an IT department's workload. According to Cate, ExCM leverages new capabilities in SharePoint 2007 to provide provisioning, security, and monitoring functionality to extranet sites to help reduce this burden.

ExCM takes advantage of SharePoint 2007's form-based authentication and provides a wide range of options for storing extranet user data separately from your internal user accounts. It also gives SharePoint administrators the ability to delegate user management of an extranet site to a member of the external organization. Giving external business partners the ability to manage their own user accounts can significantly reduce headaches for the internal IT staff. The standard version of ExCM sells for $995; the enterprise version sells for $2995 per Web front-end server., 615-515-0210

Reduce Help Desk Calls and Increase User Productivity
NetPro Computing announced SelfServiceADmin, an addition to the company's Active Directory Administration Suite that lets end users reset their password and unlock their account without violating data-security standards. The software's Web-based portal audits and tracks end-user activity and delivers notification of successful or unsuccessful password reset results. The portal also gives admins secure access to user configuration settings across multiple domains and is available to users or administrators any time of the day. You can purchase SelfServiceADmin as a single solution or as part of NetPro's Active Directory Administration Suite., 602-346-3600, 800-998-5090

Continuously Monitor Your Web Site Applications and Network Infrastructure
ExclamationSoft announced WebWatchBot 5.0, software that monitors Web-based applications from an end-user perspective and also monitors network infrastructure components such as routers, servers, databases, and processes. WebWatchBot monitors Windows performance counters on local and nonlocal Windows systems, including counters for CPU and memory usage, SQL Server, Microsoft IIS, physical disks, and processes and services on most devices. The software also monitors IP addresses or host names by looking for an excessive number of hops or timeouts. The software includes SNMP-enabled monitoring, which allows monitoring of hardware and software regardless of OS. Pricing for WebWatchBot starts at $1249.95., 267-895-1726, 866-489-0111

Protect the Integrity of Your Network Infrastructure
SmoothWall announced updates to its network security solution, Advanced Firewall 2.0. The software is a firewall and VPN system that can automatically fail over to a standby Advanced Firewall system in the event of a hardware problem. Improved load-balancing features allow a network's outgoing and incoming traffic to be load balanced across multiple Internet connections. Advanced Firewall also includes VoIP gateway protection and improved antispyware, antivirus, and browser-exploit detection capabilities. The software integrates the Mailshell spam detection engine, which blocks spam email, and new authentication supports two-factor tokens and ISP authentication., 800-959-3760

Ensure Optimum Network Utilization
GFI Software announced GFI EventsManager, a centralized networkwide event-log management and reporting solution that ensures maximum network uptime. GFI EventsManager scans and collects information from Windows event logs, World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) logs, and syslog events and translates cryptic events. Captured events are stored in a SQL Server database that can be offsite, and you can schedule backups of your event logs. The software also alerts you to potential hardware failure, detects intruders and security breaches, and proactively monitors servers. For pricing information, contact GFI Software., 919-379-3397, 888-243-4329

NetApp Adds Fibre Channel and Replication Support to Its SMB Storage Solution
Network Appliance announced updates to its all-in-one network storage appliance solution, StoreVault S500, which provides NAS, SAN, and DAS out of the box. StoreVault S500's StoreVault Replication software copies file and block data over a WAN between multiple StoreVault S500 appliances by using the StoreVault Manager 2.0 interface. StoreVault Replication replicates only changed data, which reduces network bandwidth requirements. The software also provides replication checkpoints to reduce data loss in case a data transfer is interrupted. NetApp also announced the StoreVault Fibre Channel Starter Kit, which includes a factory-installed host bus adapter (HBA), a ten-port 4GB Fibre Channel switch, and QLogic SANsurfer Express software., 877-278-7858

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