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New & Improved - 27 May 2004

Policy Maker Software Update
603-433-5885, [email protected]

AutoProf's Policy Maker Software Update is a Group Policy-based patch-management solution for Windows 2003/XP/2000 systems. The solution uses Group Policy's power and capabilities and Microsoft Software Update Services (SUS) so that administrators can leverage their investment in Active Directory (AD) to address patch-management needs. Policy Maker Software Update uses the architecture and common features of AutoProf's Policy Maker Professional, which provides Group Policy-based management of AD desktops. Policy Maker Software Update's integration of Group Policy and the SUS update installer lets administrators avoid the problems surrounding agent-based and agentless patch-management products. With Policy Maker Software Update, administrators can handle the continual software-updating requirements of distributed networks by using the same UI, architecture, and features they're used to in Group Policy and Policy Maker Professional.

Eric Voskuil, AutoProf chief technology officer (CTO), said, "Policy Maker Software Update provides the advantages of both agentless and agent-based patch management solutions on the market, while possessing the disadvantages of neither. It doesn't install or run as a service, yet as a native Group Policy extension, Software Update is launched periodically and securely on client computers as a system process."

Policy Maker Software Update is scheduled for release in June. Depending on volume, pricing starts at $6.50 per computer.


Create Secure VPN Tunnel Connections
949-679-8000, 800-762-4968

SMC Networks released three new additions to its Barricade line of broadband routers: the Barricade VPN 4-Port Broadband Router, the Barricade VPN 8-Port Broadband Router, and the Barricade g VPN 4-Port Broadband Router/802.11g Access Point. Designed for telecommuters, the routers let users create secure VPN tunnels to share files, access the Internet, and play games. You can also create secure VPN tunnel connections to a corporate network from a home or remote office location. The routers have an integrated VPN server and VPN client to support multiple VPN connections. Pricing is $99.99, $129.99, and $179.99, respectively.


Reduce the Number of Quarantined Email Messages
613-831-2010, [email protected]

Nemx Software released Power Tools 4.2, antispam software that can reduce the number of quarantined email messages an administrator needs to examine. New functionality measures the frequency and destination of messages that organizations send externally and automatically sets up a list of friendly domains. Unlike whitelist technology, which requires an administrator to manually create lists of legitimate domains, friendly domain technology intuitively identifies business partner and customer domains. Friendly domain technology integrates with the Concept Manager feature, which uses thesaurus matching to monitor and block email messages according to the entire concept of a message. Pricing is dependent on the components you select and the number of connectors and mailboxes your organization has. Pricing starts at $495 for the Internet edition and $999 for a 50-user license.


Secure Your Laptop or PC
905-502-7000, 888-879-5879

WinMagic released SecureDoc 3.5, software that helps secure PCs and laptops by using Public-Key Cryptographic Standards (PKCS #11). Flexible key labeling capability lets you securely share encrypted files, disks, and removable media. You no longer have to deal with the master password vulnerability because centralized key management takes the password's place. SecureDoc provides preboot integration with tokens and public key infrastructure (PKI) during the authentication process. For pricing, contact WinMagic.


Ensure Patch Compliance and Remote Assistance
310-914-9603, 800-344-1150

Mobile Automation released Mobile Lifecycle Management Suite 6.0, which includes Patch Automation and SupportDesk Automation. Patch Automation is an automated software-patching solution that ensures full Microsoft OS and application patch-compliance on all systems. Patch Automation features Parallel Patch Remediation Technology (PPRTechnology) to let companies implement change control testing of their existing systems while simultaneously staging patch installations to remote Access Points (APs) and the local target machines' hard disk. SupportDesk Automation is a Web-based remote-assistance solution that lets companies provide virtual onsite technical support for customers and employees. SupportDesk Automation can enhance any Help desk operation. For pricing, contact Mobile Automation.


Delete or Disable Outdated Computer Accounts
[email protected]

Special Operations Software released Active Directory Janitor, software that lets you search the entire network to easily identify unused computer accounts. If you've been using Active Directory (AD) for a while, you probably have outdated computer accounts that don't correspond to physical computers. You can use Active Directory Janitor to find such accounts. After you identify outdated accounts, you can use the software to delete or disable them. The software features a standard Windows GUI; lets you choose between 15 properties when scanning your network environment; lets you pick computers to scan manually or from AD; and lets you delete, disable, and enable computer accounts in seconds. Pricing is $49.50. You need only one license per administrator and organization. A license can scan an unlimited number of computers in any one organization.


Use VM Technology to Consolidate Servers
650-475-5000, 877-486-9273

VMware released VMware GSX Server 3.0, enterprise virtual infrastructure software for administrators who want to consolidate servers and streamline development and testing operations. VMware GSX Server can partition and isolate servers in secure and transportable virtual machines (VMs) and let you remotely manage these VMs. Each VM can run standard Windows, Linux, or Novell NetWare OSs and applications. VMware GSX Server can simplify software development and testing cycles by decreasing the time you need to provision, install, build, test, and restore a new machine. Development teams can use VMware GSX Server VMs to share development environments and prepackaged OS and application testing configurations. The software provides 3.6GB of memory per VM. Pricing starts at $2500 for two servers.


Synchronize Files Between Computers
[email protected]

AJC Software released AJC Directory Synchronizer 1.15, software that lets you compare and synchronize your laptop and desktop computers after a business trip, make backups, and perform routine file maintenance. You can compare and synchronize two directory structures that are either on the same computer or on different computers on the same network. You can receive a full report about which files were synchronized, and you can also select an option that will write the report to a permanent log file. Command-line options let you automate routine tasks. New features include the ability to designate files and file patterns so that files aren't overwritten by mistake. AJC Directory Synchronizer runs on Windows XP/2000/NT/
Me/9x systems and costs $29 for a single-user license.


Clear Your Cluttered Desktop
[email protected]

Macroworx released Filing Cabinets 2.0, software that can clear your cluttered desktop by storing all of your favorite shortcuts in discrete "cabinets" that slide in and out from the sides of the screen. The software lets you group similarly categorized shortcuts into user-specified colored cabinets so that you can quickly identify the shortcuts. You can drag shortcuts directly from the desktop or Windows Explorer into any cabinet. Each cabinet is editable, so you can modify the icon that represents the shortcut and also modify the shortcut name. The software runs on Windows XP/2000/NT/Me/98 systems and costs $19.95 for a single-user license.

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