Netshield 4.5 and VirusScan 4.5 AutoUpgrade Expose System

Netshield 4.5 and VirusScan 4.5 AutoUpgrade Expose System
Reported July 11 by Richard Fry

Netshield 4.5 and VirusScan 4.5


The default directory and registry permissions for objects used by Netshield 4.5 and VirusScan 4.5 do not protect against unauthorized manipulation. Because of the loose security settings, the AutoUpdate feature may be exploited to execute code on the operating system.

If the directory configuration for the AutoUpdate feature defined in the registry is not protected against unwanted access, an intruder could insert a SETUP.EXE file that would run during normal update processing under the security context of the Administrator account.

In order for an exploit to be possible, an intruder would have to have valid files associated with AutoUpdate in the configured directory. Required files include PkgDesc.Ini, Setup.ISS, and an executable named Setup.EXE.


According to the discoverer NAI is aware of the matter and has suggested that users tighten permissions as detailed in the Administrator"s Guide associated with the software.

Discovered by Richard Fry

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